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Cindy Tien, CSP

Cindy Tien is a passionate speaker, trainer and coach in personal branding, emotional quotient and social intelligence. She has worked with global MNCs and corporate clients from diverse industries, including banking and financial institutions, real estate agencies, universities and government-linked corporations. Cindy believes that every individual should be an authentic personal brand of their own, and she takes pride in helping individuals elevate their ability to connect and influence people through their Appearance, Behaviour and Communication skills.

Prior to her speaking career, Cindy has accumulated more than a decade of corporate and global sales experience in the advertising, financial and travel industries under her belt, leading her to interact well with people across all levels, understand corporate needs, and deliver effective solutions to meet client requirements. Before climbing the corporate ladder, Cindy travelled the world with Singapore Airlines as a flight attendant for 6 years, during which she acquired an appreciation for high standards in service excellence and managing perceptions through visual communication in a person’s image.

Cindy’s motivation comes from her deep interest and study in human behaviour. Having worked in corporate client-facing roles within various organization structures in the last 20 years, she strongly believes that a well-lived life is one that is filled with true confidence in self, and personal connections with others – resulting in lasting happiness.

A lifelong learner and one who never stops upgrading herself, Cindy is certified in Image Management, Behavioural Consulting, and Emotional Intelligence. She is sought after as an authentic, fun and edgy influencer who brings results to the table.

Cindy represents Imageworks – Branding Through People® as a Senior Consultant and Corporate Trainer. For more information, please visit or connect with her at [email protected]

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