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Andrea Edward CSP

Andrea Edwards, The Digital Conversationalist, is a passionate communications evangelist and expert in content marketing, personal branding, social leadership and employee advocacy. These four focus areas – all connected under the communications banner – fundamentally transform how we do business today, and empower us to delight our customers, as well as growing personal career opportunities and your brand’s success.

A globally award-winning B2B communications professional, Andrea is a content marketing strategy pioneer, blogger, writer, and trainer/coach for businesses and professionals around the world. A regular speaker at industry events discussing and sharing about content marketing, social leadership and employee advocacy, Andrea also presents to the world’s largest companies on the transformation needed within to maximize business growth in our digital future.

Andrea has deep experience in the technology sector, and has worked in defence, aerospace, government, travel & tourism, HR, the environment, professional services, healthcare, marketing services, market research, financial services, insurance, engineering, manufacturing, and even the brewing industry!

A blogger for a decade, Andrea is a social media evangelist, considered a B2B content marketing and social media influencer, and she is a travel junkie who’s had the privilege to work around the world – across Europe, the US, ANZ and Asia.

Andrea is currently the Chairman of the Asia Content Marketing Association (ACMA). You can find Andrea here

My goal is to help businesses and professionals tell better stories, while rousing passions in people to embrace social leadership

Andrea is the best Personal Branding and Content Marketing mentor I’ve had the fortune to work with. Wherever she goes, she empowers.

Nishan Weerasinghe, CMO, IBM Systems for Cloud

Andrea understands content and what to do with it better than anyone and her strategic, common sense and realistic approach on all things ‘social’ is a breath of fresh air. Above all else, she’s a communications professional who knows how to have an impact and be effective over the long term. Andrea is a very positive and generous person with a genuine passion for what she does. She’s terrific.

David Cook, Global Communications Director at GE

I met Andrea 12 months ago when we were seeking a professional trainer to help RBS employees update their LinkedIn profiles to improve job search opportunities. I cannot say enough about the impact Andrea has had on the 200+ employees that have attended her sessions. More than updating LinkedIn, Andrea is getting people to tap into what they stand for and she encourages them to go out into the world as an ambassador for themselves first, and their business second. I have watched people’s lives completely change from this training, as they come out inspired, impassioned and ready to take ownership of their future through the amazing tools we have available to us today on social media. Andrea lives and breathes this stuff, but more than anything, she passes her passion on to her audience and considering the vast cultural mix of our employees, it’s saying something that she can touch so many with her message. I enjoy working with Andrea immensely, and if you are seeking to train your employees to be ambassadors for your brand, or are going through changes and want to help your employees find new work, I could not recommend a professional more. Andrea is great to work with and I promise you something else – you’re going to have a lot of fun working with Andrea too!

Kylie Barry, APAC Recruitment Manager: Finance, Technology, Operations, Audit, Risk, Legal & Marcomms, HR – Royal Bank of Scotland

Andrea is a vibrant and knowledgeable Digital Warrior with expansive understanding of content marketing across AsiaPac! I attended her one day workshop and thought I had a basic knowledge of the digital world ….. I learned so much more! I have now a refreshed understanding of content marketing and the power of social mediums such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc…. I’d rate the workshop 10/10. Andrea both personally and professionally comes with my highest support and recommendation.

Karen Pink, HR Director at Unity Group

I’m a leader in social selling for a social media company. I need to invest more in my digital reputation to aide career and team sales.

Stewart Lee, Head of Mid-Market Sales, SE Asia, LinkedIn

Even as a marketer for 13 years, it was great learning how to use social sites to share my voice and build relationships. It was important to shift from a traditional way of seeing social sites as a way of socializing, as to personal branding and making a difference.

Ira Santiago, Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft

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