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Sonja Piontek

Sonja Piontek is often referred to as a "powerhouse of inspiration". She is an award winning though leader, bestselling author and truly global keynote speaker with engagements in over 40 countries.

Most clients book the German international keynote speaker to talk about unleashing true excellence, transformation and change or what she calls the Phoenix Mindset.

Her executive career background as well as her huge experience enables her to share deep insights, passion, and empathy to help people reach unexpected heights. Her focus is on delivering real results and creating maximum ROI.

Her work is regularly featured in international business and luxury publications.

“Sonja is one of the best inspirational speakers I’ve ever seen. A great mix of brains and heart.“
Dr. Dr. Andreas Tank, Leading Expert on China Marketing

“Never before have I seen such excellence. Sonja has a true gift:
the rare combination of vision combined with excellence.”
Lewis Pugh, UN Ambassador of the Oceans, Young Leader of the World

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