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Joanne Flinn

Joanne Flinn, the Business Growth Lady, is an author and keynote speaker on leadership, change and sustainability. Twice a TEDx speaker, she's keynoted on 5 conferences for industry events and corporate strategy retreats. A member of Oxford Futures Forums and associate with the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School she bring rigor and humanity to the future, ESG and transformation. These along with AI are defining issues of our times.

Contrarinan where needed, Joanne brings both the reality and the challenge of business and life today into the room so that your audience feels, thinks and acts differently as they lead into the future.

She ran her first $10 million business at 23, sat on her first $100million board at 24 before going to led multi-million-dollar businesses for PricewaterhouseCoopers. As a polymath, Joanne is an international artist and author of 5 books ranging from digital transformation success factors, the role of kindness in success and business sustainability. She focuses on what it takes to unicorn (yes, an active verb) and staying relevant in a fast changing world.

Honest, a touch humorous, she believes that good business is part of a good future for people and planet.

Intend Magnificence Aim to Unicorn Measure the Actions

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