Grant Bosnick

Grant Bosnick, Leadership & Team Effectiveness Expert, Music Producer and Drummer

Focused on driving organizational change and performance improvement, for 22 years Grant Bosnick has partnered with clients to design and deliver solutions and keynote talks, aligned with corporate strategy and organizational processes, that transform leaders’ behaviour, to become more global minded, lead others, manage change, innovate and perform at a higher level. He started his career as a Senior Manager in the entertainment, professional fund-raising, and natural gas industries, leading diverse multicultural teams. With a background in psychology and NeuroLeadership, moreover, he engages leaders to explore multiple perspectives, understand themselves deeply, drive change and transform behaviour – to achieve results and develop global leaders for a rapidly changing and complex environment. He works with Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies in the financial services, tech, retail, advertising, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, among others.

He is also an accompished drummer, music producer and director. Having played drums and percussion for over 35 years, he has toured North America, recorded 13 albums and produced several live multicultural interdisciplinary shows, including for the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo and for Apple.


An immersive experience for C-Suite, corporate teams and leaders, using the art of playing drums to enhance focus, energy, team work, insights and problem-solving through the neuroscience of drumming – to build better relationships and more innovative solutions.

Focuses on the “autopilot” traps our mind has that hold us back from creative thinking and how we can “mind up” to overcome these traps to think wider, allowing more possibilities and richer ideas.

A series of 16 keynotes or modules that focus on enhancing leaders and employee well-being, regulating emotions, creating agile resilient leaders and an organization, building trust and empathy, having purpose and organizational alignment, promoting a feedback culture and inclusive environment, improving performance and collaboration, executing organizational strategy, leveraging collective wisdom, fostering growth and long-term thinking, and developing leaders and a workforce that is future ready.

Grant is the Managing Director of YES (Your Empowering Solutions), a boutique HR Consultancy that develops leaders and company culture for the global arena:

Grant graduated from Queen’s University of Kingston, Canada with a degree in Philosophy and Behavioural Psychology, focusing on human behaviour and personal development, graduating top of his class. He is certified in several behavioural and 360 assessments, including Marshall Goldsmith’s Global Leadership 360; certified in the Foundations of NeuroLeadership from the NeuroLeadership Institute and the Foundations in Design Thinking from IDEO U; is a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching Certified Executive Coach, NLI “Brain-Based” Coaching Certified Executive Coach; and a VILT certified facilitator. He has also written a book on strategic thinking and problem solving, and published a video series on Leadership Communication with Kenichi Ohmae’s BBT Network. His new book, Self-Leadership for Behavioural Change: A Bite-size Approach Using Psychology and Neuroscience, will be published by Routledge Press in 2021.

Grant thrives on developing leaders around the world and helping organizations transfer best practices. He is based in Singapore, and travels extensively.


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