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Darren Brunton

A thought leader in ‘Making The Difference’ and personal development, with an extensive broad base of personal experience and development. I have gained a sound understanding of the ‘life factor’ we know as ‘resilience’. Having started a professional working life at 16 years of age by joining the British Military. During my service I was attached to 45 Commando during the Falkland’s War and was on the Royal Engineers Diving Team for the salvage of King Henry VIII war ship The Mary Rose. Having nearly been killed four times (once at war and three times at the depths of the ocean) it was a personal mindset change to establish a ‘tool’ that can lever on the changed mindset and Make a Difference in the work place and life.

In 2002 with a business partner we established KB Associates Pte Ltd (KBA) as a commercial diving safety consultancy providing a range of services such as compliance audits or diving equipment audits; risk management services; safety management consultancy; supply of specialist personnel (diving subject matter experts). This led on to establishing KBA Training Center Pte Ltd (KBAT) to allow individuals access to quality, internationally accredited training. KBAT has conducted training in 24 countries and trained over 25,000+ individuals providing them with career development and opportunities for developing competence and safety in the work place.

2019 we celebrated 17 years of business, some staff have been with our company for 16 years, and most others many years, how is it done? establishing a SME with 40+ staff, surviving several ressessions, oil price crash!, and much more. The lessons learnt over the years are many, leadership, communications, managing change, cultures, ‘highs and lows’. Yet determination, resilience, and Making the Difference is always at the forefront- I will share with you stories and lessons from the war’s, to the depth of the sea, to the office and human resources being key to ROI.

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