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Anyone can join APSS as an Associate Member, and begin to experience the benefits.

You can become a Professional Member of APSS if you can demonstrate that, in the 12 months prior to application you have attended at least 3 APSS events AND satisfy the conditions outlined in EITHER 1 or 2:

  1. Have earned at least S$50,000 from at least 10 paid presentations with at least 6 people per audience and earned at least S$1300 per presentation in speaking fees and/or same-day presentation-generated revenue. 
  2. Have earned at least S$50,000 as a salaried employee and can show that spoken presentations are a significant component of your job description or remuneration, and that you have delivered at least 10 presentations with at least 6 people per audience in the course of that work. 

"Your submissions may be audited for accuracy"

Alternatively, if you have believe your qualify as a Professional Speaker, through other criteria,  the Executive Committee (EXCO) can review your application.


Please contact us, to begin your registration or application.


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