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Steve is an engaging, exciting and dynamic speaker, with a proven ‘real world’ track record, building and leading multi-million dollar businesses across Asia.

This experience brings gravitas and credibility to his speaking engagements, which audiences, of all sizes and seniority levels, appreciate and respond to.

Steve draws on personal experience, solid academic understanding, real insights, and anecdotes drawn personally from leaders and experts. The result is always motivating, moving, and memorable.

Known as an expert in his field, Steve is a sought after TV contributor, (30+ appearances on BBC World News), radio expert (MoneyFM, CNA) and podcast guest (Speakeasy, Expat-life). Steve’s social media posts often attract 50,000+ views.

He is the author of Surfing the Asian Wave. How to Survive and Thrive in the New World. (published by Marshall Cavendish)


Steves areas of expertise/speaking topics include:

How to survive and thrive in the new globally converged or China led world.

Understanding how to work, communicate and engage across an Asia/West converged world will be the single most valuable skill of the 21st century  - and the difference between success and failure.

Steve shares the principles of Asia/west divergence and convergence and what that it means to the world. Delivers clear lessons and insights brought to life with anecdotes from business leaders and his own experience. Then shows how to apply these to life and business. 

Western businesses and individuals can step-change their understanding to be much more successful with China/Asia. 


Transforming your life - in 24hours. Steve reframes our understanding of how we can all lead better, healthier and happier lives.

Building on the learnings and experience from his own radical transformation, Steve has created an inspiring, but practical and easily implementable framework for personal change. How a focused 24hours can lead to a wholly improved life.


Leading/succeeding in multicultural and cross-cultural teams and businesses. People around the world are different. Values, vision, priorities, and styles of communication vary drastically.  Identifying and understanding these differences is key to more effective and successful global teams and businesses.

Innovation for the real world. Diagram and jargon-free, quick, effective and proven tips and tricks for successful innovation. Tools that can actually be delivered in reality, not just on the pages of a textbook or in an MBA class.

You do not need that stuff. Helping young people see happiness beyond their social media feed, understand how the media manipulates them and begin to appreciate the things of real value in life.



“Insightful, creative and passionate” Ian McLernon. CEO/President of Remy Cointreau 

“The finest I have worked with.” Avishek Daz. Vice President. Diageo/USL

“I engaged Steve to deliver a keynote to our senior managers. The outcome was truly motivational and educational.” Frank Borneman. Marketing Director. Lufthansa

“Steve is a highly gifted presenter.” James Jackson. Media editor. The Times (London)

Steve has been engaged by global businesses such as Unilever, Diageo, Danone, Nestle, Coca Cola, LVMH, with government teams, academic groups, and UN organizations, as well as tech startups and NGOs. He has worked across SEA, India, China, Europe, the UK, Australia, and the US. 

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'If you haven't really done it, why would anyone listen to you talk about it?'


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