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I’m Shirley Taylor, owner of STTS Training, specialists in leadership and communication training and speaking. My personal focus is on giving motivational and success keynotes at corporate events. I also conduct training workshops on effective communication, business writing and communicating and leading with heart.

Originally from Sheffield, UK, my career has taken me all over the globe. With over 30 years in speaking and training, I have lived and worked in Singapore, Bahrain, Canada and UK. I'm very passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, and helping others to make a difference.

I currently serve as President Elect of the Global Speakers Federation, and was President of Asia Professional Speakers Singapore 2011-12. I am proud to have earned the designation of Certified Speaking Professional (CSP). This designation is globally recognised and awarded to speakers who have met strict criteria, and is achieved by fewer than 11% of professional speakers worldwide.

In my motivational speaking and communication training, I put a lot of passion and energy into my sessions to make sure they are entertaining, practical and informative, as well as a lot of fun. I strongly believe that it’s important to be both a high-energy and high-content speaker. It's essential to engage quickly with audiences, and show people how the strategies I teach can easily be applied both personally and in the workplace. My aim is to educate, inspire, inform and motivate individuals and teams to make a difference in the workplace and to communicate and lead with heart.

I’m very blessed to have become a leading expert in business writing and communication skills, I've  written and co-authored 12 books, including the international bestseller 'Model Business Letters, Emails & Other Business Documents' 7th edition, which has sold over half a million copies worldwide.

Here are some of my keynotes:

  • Rock Your Role
    Simple Ways You Can Make A Difference Today And Every Day

  • Business Writing That Works
    Transform Your Written Messages By Communicating With HEART

  • Leading with Heart
    Guide Your Team To Success In The Heart-Based Workplace

Here are some of my training workshops:

  • Powerful Business Writing Skills (two days)
  • Business Writing with Heart (one day)
  • Energise your Email Writing Skills (one day)
  • Communication: Your Key to Success

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motion organised a leadership conference and invited Shirley Taylor to give a keynote speech that was meant to inspire and motivate the delegates. What Shirley did was beyond expectations. She delivered a presentation [Rock Your Role] that hit all the right notes with memorable takeaways that left an impact. We received praises from delegates who really enjoyed the session.
Shirley Taylor is a class act and full of enthusiasm. She is a great teacher and motivator. If you are considering her for one of your events, you can't go wrong! I don't say that about many speakers.


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