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PHILIP MERRY CONSULTING GROUP "LEADING WITH HEART" TM helps today’s global organisations to achieve meaningful results and empower their people to live lives of signficance by becoming the best they can be. Specialising in Intuitive Heart Leadership, Global Multi-Cultural Teams, and Cultural Intelligence for a Global World, Philip Merry has for 35 years in 58 countries and across 6 continents helped leaders and teams in the quest to be Leading with HeartTM

An in-demand keynote speaker, trainer and coach he works with some of the world’s leading organisations (GIC, Lend Lease, Citi, Nokia, HP, BASF, GE, GM, Jotun, Singapore Technologies, Petronas, Applied Materials, Cisco, Danone, Ciba, Dow Chemicals, ABNAmro, JPMorganChase, Merrill Lynch, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, BOC, British Telecom, AkzoNobel, Abbott Laboratories, Shell, Isuzu, Pepsi Cola) and has been senior consultant with the United Nations for 20 years. Clients speak highly of his ability to connect with audiences:

"He was the anchor of the program, and was responsible for building a constructive climate, where people felt comfortable to contribute. We had representatives from Germany, US, UK, France, Holland, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, India, UAE, Tunisia, South Africa and Turkey. Phil received very strong and positive feedback on his ability to build rapport and connect with people, regardless of cultural background.  He had a particular skill bringing people together, and inspiring them around the topic of leadership, in a way that crossed cultures.  Many of the participants still talk about the magic that Phil was able to weave during the program, and the impactful memories they have of him speaking."

He is a CSPGlobal (one of only 30 people to earn this title), author of “Search for Singapore’s Happiest People” and a certified family therapist and marriage guidance counselor. Philip was once a London taxi driver.

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