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Deborah is a stellar emcee and speaker who started singing professionally at 4 years old.  By age 26, she had performed for millions on radio, animated film, TV, Broadway, and international concert stages with legendary entertainers like Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Sammy Davis Jr in 48 countries.

After a personal decision to leave the entertainment industry in 1991, Deborah transitioned to designing and teaching systems that empower leaders to communicate with unshakeable confidence and instant credibility using influential voice, presentation and public speaking skills.

With a rich understanding of global business and culture, Deborah works as a speaker, trainer and coach in 78 countries on 6 continents. She's spoken on large global platforms with leaders like Jack Canfield and Former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has been featured on CNBC and CNN television, in TIME and Forbes, and is a co-contributing APSS author to the bestselling book ‘88 Essential Secrets for Achieving Greater Success at Work’. Her solo book ‘Finding Your Million Dollar Voice' is scheduled for release with a major US publisher in 2018.

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