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I am on a mission in life: boosting the creative & entrepreneurial mindset of professionals in change. I deliver keynotes all over the world and write books around 'The Change Mindset'.

Changing your own mindset (or others) can be difficult. There are a lot of challenges in the VUCA world but the biggest challenge is not coming from external sources. It's your own mindset. Have you ever noticed that you (or your employees) are stuck in fixed thinking patterns? Do you find it difficult to come up with new ideas for all the challenges that cross your path? Do you have a feeling that you spend more time in meetings and discussions instead of taking real action?

If that's the case, then it would be great to have a chat to see how I can support you and your organisation to make sure that everybody will get a creative & entrepreneurial boost. Expect a very animated and interactive story with lots of pragmatic tips & tricks to be more agile and successful in your business. Boost your Change Mindset.

‘Cyriel' in 25 words: global speaker, author, Change Mindset, inspirator, Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), digital nomad, interaction, less is beautiful, Yes And Act, obstacle run, burning man, loves Liane, present.

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"You have always a choice to change your life. Now."

Cyriel Kortleven, CSP Global Speaking Fellow | Asia Professional Speakers Singapore


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