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TEDx (IDEASx) speaker, Avi Liran (Economist, MBA and basketball coach) is a leading expert on Delivering Delight and Leading With Values.

He is an engaging, inspirational, motivational and entertaining global speaker. 

Raved about by senior executives throughout Asia and Europe, Avi and his team introduce delight and values into corporate culture, simultaneously increasing engagement, inspiring loyalty, improving both employees' and customers' experience and transforming results within every level of the organization.

These creative talks and  programs combine rigorous modern research spiced with ancient wisdom and real life examples. Avi presented complex models and concepts in a fun and simple way to  learn, apply and virally infect others.    

Stay tuned for the unveiling of of his forth-coming book, “Delivering Delight.”  Three captivating sections include:

  •  Inner Delight: Adjust your personal “Delight Settings” to be a leader that people love to follow.  Recover and turnaround situations when you are not delighting.
  •  Cultivating a Culture of Delight: Deliver superior employee experiences. Delight & empower your teams to unleash intrinsic motivation to delight.
  • Delight Your Customers, Delight Your Results: How to be “In the Extra Mile” to deliver superior customer experiences. 
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