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TEDx/IDEASx speaker, Avi Liran (Economist, MBA and basketball coach) is on a mission to delight the world, one person, one workplace at a time. He is the creator and designer of the edutainment concepts of Delivering Delight and Leading with Values.

Avi has shared his thought-provoking, inspiring, content-rich, interactive, entertaining and always delightful presentations to enthusiastic audiences across Asia-Pacific and Europe. He speaks, coaches and consults on; Delivering Delight Across Cultures, Positive Team Transformation and alignment, Leading with Values, Engagement, and embracing change.

His keynote talks and programs show business leaders, managers, and their people how to find and tweak their inner delight and lead with their values so they can convert employees and customers into raving fans and reach a higher purpose.

Avi's recent articles have been featured in Business Times and European Business Review.

These creative talks and programs combine rigorous modern research spiced with ancient wisdom and real-life examples. Avi presented complex models and concepts in a fun and simple way to learn, apply and virally infect others.  

With a delighted client list, including; Dell-EMC, Lenovo, Credit Suisse, Marriott, MBS, UOB bank & Turkish Airlines, you are set for a delightful Keynote or Workshop. 

Book Avi Liran by calling +65 6887 5080 or email 

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