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With more than 20 years of experience in service industry, 14 years in training and development of which 10 years in Lean Six Sigma application, coaching and training. Agnes is an engaging trainer. Her approach to training is simplification and relevance, filled with practical stories, visuals and examples. These provide the participants interactive hands-on learning experiences which are attuned to adult learning styles. Agnes teaching strategies combine visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic approaches as she believes adults learn best by doing.

Agnes had trained cross-culturally in major cities in SEA, Oceania, Greater China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Dubai, South Africa and London. She draws from an enviable background of corporate training and business operations management credentials of a total of 14 years. Agnes had worked in the largest shipping and logistics companies.   

Agnes was the Asia Pacific Regional Trainer for Maersk Logistics company, stationed in Singapore where she created and implemented successfully training strategy for the Super user concept to support their core Operations and Documentation system for 3000 users. Agnes was expatriated to Shanghai to lead the Asia Regional System Support & Education team. During her assignment there she was recognized for her contribution to the successful PONL integration training strategy for end users, super users as well as client management role. Agnes was also appointed as the Maersk Greater China Area internal trainer in 2005.

Agnes has customised and presented as session speaker and keynote speaker in Process Excellence conferences since 2010 organized by IQPC Singapore, Almego, Strategic Management Biz Network Singapore, Marcus Evans Melbourne Australia ,ICLC Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,  SSCX Indonesia. The topics she has delivered include "Customer Focus Business Transformation”, " Sustaining Momentum Through Knowledge Management", "Achieving Innovation & Operational Excellence Through Strategic Programs - Innovation, Change Management & Continuous Improvement", “Streamlining Business Processes” , “Reaching Operational Excellence And Sustaining The Vision” , “Customer Driven Business Process Transformation” and many more.

In the past 7 years, Agnes has conducted corporate customised Lean & Six Sigma training as well as coach and certify their champions / change agents. This was aligned to their corporate vision to achieve process excellence & continuous improvement which she has been recognized to have contributed over €230,000. Agnes has successfully lead implementation of online platform for global real-time visibility to track improvement projects statuses, online certification and impact reporting. This platform has significantly reduced manual tracking and reporting efforts and increased efficiency and visibility globally. Had trained more than 1000 Yellow belts and Green Belts & Black belts including head of departments within the largest logistics company and across their other business units.

Agnes is the co-founder of the Excellence Community an avenue to bring people and resources together. This community provides opportunities to participate and contribute in the forum related to Quality, Lean Six Sigma, TQM, World Class Manufacturing and Transformation. Agnes droves the activities and organize events to share knowledge, experiences  and best practices  with the belief  that knowledge shared are multiplied, will propel our personal & professional life to excellence.

Agnes graduated as Valedictorian,  top student from the Universitas 21 Global affiliated to 21 universities around the world i.e. National University of Singapore , University of Melbourne and University of  Edinburg to name a few. Agnes received the Academic Excellence Award with Masters of Business Administration. 

Agnes has adopted the following guiding principle in process improvement:

“Efficiency is the foundation of Survival,

Effectiveness is the foundation of Success,

Continuous Improvement is the foundation of Significance”

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