Master Class and Annual General Meeting 2017

1 August 2017

Master Class and Annual General Meeting 2017

Master Class and Annual General Meeting 2017

At this meeting, we will have a Master Class and Annual General Meeting for 2017. 

Agenda for the Meeting


Networking & Dinner  - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Annual General Meeting   & NSA Influence update  - 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm (For members only)

Master Class by Michael Podolinsky(Master Training Techniques)  - 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Open for Public at $30)


Annual General Meeting

This part of the evening is exclusively for APSS members.

You are requested to attend this meeting

  • to know how the organisation is progressing
  • to make your views heard and contribute to the discussions
  • to elect next year's Executive Committee


1.  Adoption of the minutes of the last AGM
2. President's report
    a. Events and activities of the year
    b. Membership update
    c. Any other updates
3. Treasurer's report
4. Amendments of Constitution (if applicable)
5. Election of EXCO

We will also have the following Master Class after the AGM:



Master Training Techniques - Transforming ‘Classroom' to ‘Experience

Master Class: by Michael Podolinsky CSP, Global Speaking Fellow

NO ONE EVER LEARNS DURING TRAINING! Participants get exposed to ideas. Full stop. Good trainers make ideas useful & hence memorable so participants will implement them into their lives. When ideas are used and permanently change behaviour is when learning takes place. If what we share is not memorable and behaviour altering, ‘training’ is worthless. In this master class, you will be exposed to over a dozen ideas on how to make training memorable, including multiple training modalities using pictures, colour, video, sound, the better use of and improvement of your own voice, group dynamics and argumentation. 

Specific topics covered in 3,600 seconds:

  • Forms for students to capture ideas & to commitment to USING the ideas
  • Stretch breaks
  • Training tools
  • Videos & use
  • How long it takes to create HABIT and ways to ensure memory happens
  • Commanding attention with our voices
  • ’Devils Advocate’ or ‘Sabo King/Queen’ approach to making discussions come alive. 
  • Gamification
  • Cerebrovascular amelioration for immutable changes in demeanour, deportment & demarcated comportment (advance preparation is a prerequisite to comprehension) 


Speaking Background:

Michael Podolinsky CSP, Global Speaking Fellow, since 1981 impacted more than 3,600 audiences in 36 countries on 6 continents. Michael delivered over 460 programmes for the Singapore Institute of

Management (SIM) since January 1989. Between speaking, authoring 15 books, radio, television, newspaper and magazine columns and authoring hundreds of articles and papers, over 11 million people have benefited from his message worldwide.


Michael is a founding member of:

  • National Speakers Association (NSA) MN Chapter
  • Asia Professional Speakers Singapore
  • NSA Bureau PEG
  • NSA International PEG
  • Global Speakers Federation (GSF)
  • International Association of Speakers Bureaus (formerly IGAB)
  • First Global Speakers Conference in Singapore
  • First Raise Your Game (Singapore) raising $40,000 for people with cancer

Speaking Offices and Honours:

  • President of NSA-MN 1985-86 & 2000-01
  • Special Advisor to the EXCO of APSS
  • Chair of NSA Bureau PEG
  • Chair of NSA International PEG
  • President of Toastmasters Minneapolitan 459
  • Area Governor Toastmasters Minnesota District 6, Area 4
  • Keynoted the gala dinners for APSS, NSAA, NSA-NZ
  • Spoken 14 times at NSA-USA


Speaking and business awards:

  • SIM’s first Trainer-of-the-Year Award in 2013 and again in 2014.
  • SIM’s 2015 award ‘Star Trainer Award’ (SIM no longer gives out these awards)
  • Motivational Speaker of the Year Award
  • Consummate Speaker of the Year Award
  • Sprit of Service Award (APSS)
  • Businessman of the Year Award
  • Ronald Reagan Gold Medal Award

Teacher of speaking and Facilitation Skills:

Teaching speaking and training skills, Michael taught Singapore’s Ministry Of Education’s teachers who teach teachers how to teach, how to teach better. He trained more than 2000 People’s Association instructors in associative learning skills. Michael instructed the Prime Minister’s Office ‘Founders Course’ (future MPs) for 5 years and Temasek Holdings and Standard Chartered Corporate Communications Departments public speaking skills. He’s also trained instructors at SIM University, Ngee Ann / Nan Yang / Temasek Polytechnics, PSB Academy Instructors, Dupont Safety Instructors and the instructors for the Singapore Navy and Air Force.

Michael’s 700+ clients include:

IBM Malaysia / India / South Africa, Shell Malaysia, Genting Highlands Resorts World, The Royal Chulan Hotel KL, The Datai Resort Langkawi, Maybank, A&W Family Restaurants Malaysia, Malaysian Institute of Management, Institute Bank-Bank Malaysia in KL/PJ/Subang/Penang/Labuan/KK, Arab Malaysian Life, GE, Philips, HSBC, 3M, HP, Prudential Malaysia / Indonesia / HK / Singapore / Vietnam and MAPS.



6:00pm - 9:00pm
Sheraton Towers Singapore