APSS June Master Class and Monthly Meeting

27 June 2017

APSS June Master Class and Monthly Meeting

APSS June Master Class and Monthly Meeting

For June, we will have both Master Class and Monthly Meeting.

Master Class from 5:00pm to 6:30pm & Monthly Meeting 7:00pm to 9:00pm. You can choose to join one or both.

Details as below.


APSS MASTER CLASS 5:00pm to 6:30pm



Philip Merry CSP, CSPGlobal

“quantum success and your speaking business”

You will learn how to take advantage of “Synchronicity” to boost your leadership and look at your business differently by building quantum entrepreneurial success from the inside–out.

You will understand how to:

  • Lead with your Heart: and find answers to key business issues
  • Intuit the Future: and gain awareness of your authentic calling
  • Be Guided by Synchronicity: and follow your quantum GPS

Most of us would like to be more successful in our business but it's likely that we are using business principles that belong to the old Newtonian mindset. We maybe don’t know that the world is in the middle of a revolutionary shift: from a 300-year-old paradigm which says that human beings are separate and that the world is one large machine, to a mindset which recognises that human beings are deeply connected to each other and that the universe provides answers to our search for meaning. Latest research across various disciplines - quantum physics, biology, and psychology suggests that your heart can connect with synchronicity and deliver answers helping with personal or business breakthroughs and that people or events can turn upbringing just what you need.

Phil Merry will share the practical implications for your business of his 7 years PhD research findings on Leadership and Synchronicity and Leading with Heart.

(please bring with you a current business issue to work on)

Synchronicity Attracts Business and Life Results

Through Intuitive Heart-Focussed Intention

About Philip Merry CSP, CSPGlobal

Philip will finish his PhD in Leadership in Synchronicity in November: he is the only person worldwide to complete a grounded theory PhD in this topic and is becoming a global thought leader in this area. Philip is CEO/Founder of Singapore's Philip Merry Consulting Group and has helped leaders and teams access the power of synchronicity and the heart for personal and business transformation since 1991. British by birth he has lived in Asia for 31 years (27 years in Singapore) and has conducted intercultural global leadership and team projects with global organisations for 37 years in 59 countries, boosting mindsets that grow intercultural cooperation and optimise personal excellence. A senior facilitator with United Nations and Duke Corporate Education, Regional Representative Belbin Team Roles, Marshall Goldsmith Coach, Appreciative Inquiry Certified, HeartMath Certified, Philip is the author of The Search for Singapore's Happiest People, and one-time London taxi driver.



The June Monthly Meeting will have two Roundtable discussions facilitated by experienced members.

First segment focused on Revenue Generation Strategies. The second segment on Online Programs & Monetization.


Roundtables (Duration 20 minutes)

  • Roundtable leader to share their Top 3 revenue generation strategies
  • Discussions within the table

    • Others share their tips
    • Q&A within the table

Debrief and Discussion (Duration 30 minutes)

·         Each Roundtable leader to share the biggest ideas from the group for the benefit of all

·         Followed up by Q&A for the benefit of all



  • Form 3 groups based on the maturity level of the member’s online initiatives. This is to ensure the group focuses on their current top priorities.
  • We will have three groups

    • Ideation: For those who are in the process of considering online programs and haven’t decided on topic, content or structure
    • Development: For those who are already actively developing online programs
    • Going To Market: For those who are ready to launch and market their online programs

5:00pm - 9:00pm
Sheraton Towers Singapore