Annual Convention 2021

Thu, 27/05/2021 to Fri, 28/05/2021

Annual Convention 2021

Annual Convention 2021

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Asia Professional Speaker’s Convention 2021 is one of the largest speakers' Conventions and is attended by diverse people from many different backgrounds. There are usually more than 300 speakers, trainers, and consultants who attend this program across Asia


APSS is pleased to announce our call for speakers for the Asia Professional Speakers Convention 2021.


APSS has a long history of hosting New York Times bestselling authors, Hall of Fame speakers, CEOs, Futurists, world renowned coaches, award winning speakers, and others who add immense value to the speaking and training worlds.

Our annual conventions have been very popular not just with local audiences but with our global friends too, with participants attending live or virtually from Australia, Europe, South Africa, Middle East, Asia, USA and Canada.

We are inviting proposals from speakers whose experience and work brings proven strategies that educate, inspire and empower the participants to think, feel and do things differently. We are looking for refreshing insights, impactful and practical application strategies, and valuable ideas.

The deadline to send in your proposal to speak is 5th February 2021.


2021 Convention Details

 Date                Thursday-Friday, 27-28 May 2021
 Location  The convention will be held virtually in view of COVID- 19 restrictions.
 Theme            Take Flight: Building a Runway to your Future
 Audience        A mix of professional speakers, aspiring speakers, coaches, training providers, authors, and corporate leaders


Convention Tracks

We have 4 tracks in our convention, all of which allow us to be a bit adventurous by aligning to metaphors of ‘taking flight’:

Track 1: Create the Runway (Future trend spotting)

In this track, we need those who can help us understand future trends and opportunities of topics and ideas that will have greater importance in the coming decade. For instance, the skills that organizations and leaders will need to help their teams launch into a better future.

Speakers in this track will be futurists, business leaders, senior training and education leaders - speakers who have a pulse on competency building and market trends - who can help attendees offer the best and most needed support to clients.

Some of the topics that belong in this track are: How is the speaking industry evolving? How will the world of speaking change as a result of the pandemic? What might meetings of the future look like?


Track 2: Get Ready for Lift-Off (The business and technology of speaking)

A new landscape needs new thinking and doing on all our parts. What new business models, opportunities for multiple revenue streams, and the latest technology can be leveraged to achieve higher, faster, and better flight paths?

Speakers in this track will be entrepreneurial thinkers and technology enthusiasts, and those who can help us reimagine how we create value, deliver in a virtual world and sell in the future.

Some of the topics that belong in this track are Automation, systems, technology, leveraging virtual assistants, growing your YouTube channel, negotiating fees, and all matters relating to running the business of being speakers and trainers.


Track 3Gain Altitude (Growing your influence, delivering your message, and making an impact)

A good pilot knows that the best place to fly is above the clouds and the storms. This track will help you build influence, create a powerful personal brand and message, plus authentic and sustainable content-building strategies and social media following.

Speakers in this track will be leaders from speaking bureaus, social media stalwarts, personal branding experts, TEDx curators and coaches, and others who help us see and deliver our value, and clarify our message to clients.

Some of the topics that belong in this track are Stage presence in a virtual setting, audience engagement, storytelling, crafting a powerful keynote, slide design, and more.


Track 4: Be Flight Deck Ready (Mindset and attitude)

To be the captain of our aircraft we need the mindset, the resilience, and the hope and optimism to make it. Pilots train for the sharpness of mind and agility of response so they can make sure the plane takes off and lands under all circumstances.

Speakers in this track will be dealers in hope, bringing to the audience a vision of the future, and stories that allow us to connect with our inner power and outer adaptability.

Some of the topics that belong in this track are Lifestyle design, recovering from setbacks, defining success on our terms, mindfulness for dealing with uncertainty, as well as creative enthusiasts such as singers and songwriters, artists who can open our world view and mental models.

Helpful notes before submitting your proposal to speak

1.     As we are a non-profit association and the convention is organised based on cost recovery, APSS is not in a position to pay a speaking fee. 

2.     There will strictly be no selling or promotion of products or services from the stage.

3.     We will ask all successful speakers for permission to video-record your keynote or workshop. This content will be made available for a small fee to support the association's activities. In your segment, we will add your contact details. Please let us know if you are agreeable for your content to be included in the video package. We will share the raw clip with you for your own use.


How speakers are chosen?

  • Proposals are reviewed by the Convention Committee along with selected subject matter experts. During the proposal review process, we will vet potential speakers, if needed, communicating with the relevant speaker association/s, as well as evaluating previous presentations.
  • The proposals are evaluated in whole or in part on the following criteria:
  • Alignment to the convention theme, plus
  • Subject matter experts presenting new and creative ideas considered on the cutting-edge
  • The topic is timely and trendy for the professional speaking industry today and will attract professional speakers
  • Abstract and title of the session demonstrate the intent concisely
  • Learning objectives are well-defined
  • Attendees will able to relate to the content and apply it after the convention
  • Context of the issues including real-world case studies, examples, and stories
  • Speaker presentation skills, experience, and potential for audience interactive participation
  • Speaker is knowledgeable, engaging, experienced, and respected on the topic submitted
  • The proposal demonstrates a thought-leadership perspective
  • The overall quality of the submitted proposal

Have you spoken at our convention in the past two years?

No:    We look forward to receiving your proposal
Yes:      We like to highlight new and exciting speakers at our convention. However, if you feel your topic is a great fit for the convention theme and meets our key criteria of subject matter expertise, topic relevance, and speaker proficiency, then please mention this in your proposal.


27/05/2021 - 28/05/2021
9:00am - 5:00pm
Online Digital Convention
Annual Convention 2021 | Asia Professional Speakers Singapore


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