TRAILING CLOUDS OF GLORY - Reflections on Synchronicity and Leadership

Synchronicity is the coming together of human need and fortuitous events that answer that need, and it has been the focus of my phd research which is now just about finished. Synchronicity can often bring marvelous life changing experiences, and whilst I have often experienced these “big” synchronicities it is most often seen in the small things come into our lives every day.

You are confused and in a fog with a proposal you are writing and you look up and you find that the Singapore smog has cleared so that buildings that you could not see in the morning are now clearly visible. You go back to your work and the opening comes so that you can move forward and the words flow.

You are thinking “I want to take a nice lunch” whilst realizing that you don’t have time to cook anything fancy. At the moment your wife calls saying that she is coming home and asks “do I need anything for lunch” because she’s at the restaurant and can bring it for you.

 You think of the friend who is concerned about their cat who is rather ill, and you look up at the TV and at that my moment is a healthy cat playing with their owner. You know your friend ‘s cat is fine.

 You are wondering about fundamental things in life, its purpose, its meaning or whether in fact there is meaning or purpose. That same evening you attend the passing parade of your favorite nephew and see meaning shining from every soldier who is graduating that night.

You help someone get clear on what it is they want to do with their lives and the very next day an opportunity comes their way which is exactly what they have been hoping for.

So yes synchronicity has it’s big dramatic moments but it also has smaller day-to-day moments. And what I have been discovering for many years now is that synchronicity is evidence that we are taken care of, that somehow there is a higher organizing principle, I like to call it God.

And it’s important to note that this goes against many notions of living in the modern world. The world where belief in spirit and religion has somehow been denigrated so that we are embarrassed even to admit that we have beliefs. This is the world where a nurse who wears her cross to work loses her job. A world which sometimes laughs at those countries who celebrate their “love of country.” A world where a passenger on the train is  attacked and people stand by and do nothing because the prevailing wisdom is “better not get involved” despite basic instincts wanting to. 

So I came to do my phd and the study of synchronicity not because I want to be an academic management researcher, but because I had a fundamental belief that this is a concept for real lives, for real world problems, for leaders, for businesses, for governments and for relationships between cultures and between religions. I do not write of what I do not know. For as the examples I have given show that the miraculous, the divine intervention, being in the right place at the right time has followed me all of my life.

I do not believe that this is my journey alone. I have worked with seen many people whose lives and relationships have been transformed by an event or a person appearing out of the blue. So as well as being a PhD dissertation this study is real for me. It is my way of saying to myself and to anyone who reads these words, “wake up, help is at hand.”

Whatever you call it, be it god, spirit, higher organising principle, heart, fate, luck, it does not matter. Just realise that we are not a collection of unconnected atoms strutting our brief hour on the stage to be gone and heard now more. We are somehow guided and taken care of by an amazing energy or force that wants the best for us, that wants us to become fully ourselves and make a mark in our lives and in our world.

You may not be fully (or at all) convinced by my words. But what I would like to do is to get you thinking about the possibility that an energy called synchronicity does exit, that has a long pedigree and that has the potential to alter the way we look at your life. I would like you to consider the possibility that, as the poet Wordsworth said we come into this world “Trailing Clouds of Glory”, which for many reasons we lose touch with. It is my hope that my research will help you think about rediscovering your “glory”.


Philip Merry is an author, speaker, coach and trainer who has conducted leadership projects in 58 countries over 36 years. Specialising in Leading with Heart - he empowers leaders and teams to listen to the wisdom of the heart to drive results and lead a Life of Significance.

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Philip has 41 years consulting, training and coaching experience in 61 countries on building High Performing Multi-Cultural Teams and Leadership. As the only person in the world to receive a grounded theory PhD on Synchronicity and Leadership, he is well placed to help leaders and teams understand the power of synchronicity and intuition to help Lead the Future and maximise team success.  An in-...

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TRAILING CLOUDS OF GLORY - Reflections on Synchronicity and Leadership | Asia Professional Speakers Singapore


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