Sorry Steve Jobs - it IS possible

"Connecting the Dots Looking Forward"

“You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.”

Thus said Steve jobs in August 2011. 

Moreover, this is what most of us believe, that somehow we can see a pattern looking backwards, but that seeing a pattern to our future is not possible. Because if it were possible that would be magical, and we all know we're not magicians.

My mission in life at the moment is to disabuse everyone I meet of the notion that we are not magicians.

There are two reasons why I am convinced that we are all, in fact, magicians.


We now know that quantum mechanics explains how the world works. Under the Newtonian rules of physics which ruled the world for 300 years, we believed that we are all separate from each other and that the world is like a great clock that god wound up billions of years ago, and that clock is still ticking along nicely. In this world, we are separate from each other, and my identity ends with my skin. 

Quantum physics and particularly quantum entanglement blows this theory out of the water.

Particles once entangled are entangled forever. This means that when you have a feeling that your mother is happy or your sister is sad, that's because you are energetically entangled with them even though they are halfway around the world.

Does it always work out nicely and clearly - heck no. However, if we know that human beings are energetically entangled, then it explains scientifically so many things that were previously in the domain of spirituality and mysticism.


There is such a thing called synchronicity which has been studied for many many many years. Our ancestors called it listening to the spirit of the trees, or a message from beyond found when examining the entrails of dead animals. They did not believe this because they were crazy or dumb or stupid, they believed it because they didn't know about quantum physics. 

Now let's be very clear. The rules of quantum physics operated thousands of years ago, but weren't called quantum physics. Synchronicity and coincidence were explained by saying that this was God reaching out and guiding us.

I want to emphasise this. 

Just because quantum physics was only discovered a hundred years ago doesn't mean that it was not in operation thousands of years ago. 

I find this incredibly exciting.

Back to Steve Jobs. 

Yes, of course, you can connect the dots looking backwards. However, we now know it's also possible to connect the dots looking forward.


Because quantum entanglement is always connecting us to people and issues and to thoughts that will guide us to similar people and similar thoughts.

Isn’t this amazing?

That thought that you have about needing a new member of your team that has a particular skill.

That thought that you have about needing a particular book to solve that tough issue.

The need that you have in your life to be clear about which job or which city or which country you want to live in.

In a quantum world, the answers to all of these thoughts and needs already exist as energy in the quantum field. So all you have to do is to pay attention to the events in front of you in your everyday life. These events are the dots which connect you going forward.

The reason we haven't paid much attention to this in the past is that we believed that such thoughts belong in the realms of witchcraft or new age thinking.

However, despite our worries, the guidance still comes.

It's time to wake up folks to the fact that quantum energy has always been around as energy with which we can connect and where all of our wishes hopes dreams already exist.

Steve Jobs said you have to trust in something "your gut, karma or whatever". 

After spending the last six years of my life researching synchronicity and leadership my answer to Steve jobs is simple.

You don't have to trust in "whatever".

The partnership between quantum physics and synchronicity makes everyday events which connect the dots of your future not a "whatever" but a scientific reality, 

As Carl Jung who first coined the word said, "synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see it".

This weekend, open your eyes and be ready to be amazed at what you find. 


Philip has over 30 years consulting, training and coaching experience in 59 countries on how to build High Performing Multi-Cultural Teams. As the only person in the world to receive a grounded theory PhD on Synchronicity and Leadership, he is well placed to help leaders and teams understand the power of synchronicity to maximise team success. 

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Philip has 41 years consulting, training and coaching experience in 61 countries on building High Performing Multi-Cultural Teams and Leadership. As the only person in the world to receive a grounded theory PhD on Synchronicity and Leadership, he is well placed to help leaders and teams understand the power of synchronicity and intuition to help Lead the Future and maximise team success.  An in-...

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