The Secret is to say YES to the important things in life!


At a recent Meditation workshop, the students were sharing why they attended the Meditation class and what was their driver for learning meditation.

It was one of those Ah-Ha moments for me, as their responses are all too familiar.

  • Life is too stressful
  • I have “lost” myself
  • I have become sick
  • It’s all too much and I simply need to de-stress
  • I am not in control of my thoughts.
  • The has to be more to life than the one I am living
  • I’m depressed and unhappy


We get so busy that we forget to notice what we are doing with our time and what we are saying “Yes” to in life.

In a world of far too many distractions we are being constantly pulled here and there and we no longer take ownership of our time.


We allow “other people’s“ agendas to occupy our day, it really is that simple.

An e-mail comes in, we react.

A text message beeps and we look at it within 3 seconds usually.

A what’s app group is set up and before too long 15 messages a day are flying here and there taking up time, energy and effort.


We also allow other people to occupy our mind space, and often these are people we hardly know.

Admit it you scroll down Facebook and take in all those images and stories and before too long these people (who you do not even know personally) have taken root in your mind space. You even find that your daily communication starts to change to what you saw on social media today.


Then there is Linked in, Private Messaging, Instagram, Twitter and a whole host of other distractions to bombard your precious mind space with.

I could go on and on..... most people are putting their mobile phone before their relationships and life.

The focus is all about " how can I recharge my phone" , rather than how can I recharge my life.

We have one life, are we living it the way we want to, or are we simply reacting to whatever comes to us in the moment.


 it’s time to STOP, REVIEW and then take DIFFERENT ACTIONS


Here is my 3-step process to support you;

  1. DELETE any accounts that no longer serve you. Too drastic? Well then limit the time you spend on them. For example, spend 15 minutes 3 times a day checking the social sites as a MAXIMUM.
  2. Focus on what you WANT to spend time on. List these things and plan them in the diary.
  3. Plan in “Me time”, time to do the things that relax and pamper you.


Try it for a week and soon your life will be back on track and the stress levels will reduce.

You were not born to react to a beeping phone, walk the streets staring at it, panic if you left it behind, take it to bed with you, check it as soon as you wake up……. take back your life and make a change!

You have one life – LIVE It fully with awareness and full responsibility.




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The Secret is to say YES to the important things in life! | Asia Professional Speakers Singapore


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