QUANTUM RAPPORT: meaningful magical connection with new people

I am guided

Many people tell me that they do not know what to say when they meet strangers. 

But I have never found there is a problem. 

I am guided. 

The actual words that I should be saying are given to me. 

Up until now, I have not named it. This is the first time I have written about it.

I am guided as much to be quiet as I am to speak. I have a sense of a force that hands me my script. 

It is visceral, it’s as if the voice reaches out from the quantum energy field and guides me. 

It can be as simple as “where do you live in Singapore” to something almost too personal, such as “were you sad as a child?”

And whenever I channel the words and speak them, there is always an interest from the other person and there is always a reply. 

Sometimes they say with surprise, “why did you ask this question, this is exactly what I’ve been thinking about.”

I can be standing in the queue at Changi airport waiting to board, and the phrase comes to me, “I really like your shoes” or “that’s an unusual colour scarf.”  Or “Isn’t it a beautiful view”. It can be about their work. 

I was about to board a flight in Seattle and I said to the guy standing next to me “I bet your company is going through changes at the moment”, and the most amazing conversation opened up about how stuck he was with a team that was not changing as fast as it should. 

Here are some phrases I have been given:

“Are you travelling far?”

“What awaits you in Sydney today?”

“Your can looks great - have you always been so neat and tidy?”

“How long have you been doing this job? 

“You sound like you really enjoy doing this job.”

“You have a really accurate way of describing things.”

“You look very pensive as you drink your coffee.”

“It’s so good to be alive in today’s world isn’t it?”

“Your attitude really inspires me.”

“You must be a great parent”

It’s the same when I sign the one book that I have written, Search for Singapore is Happiest People. I don’t have to use a pre-determined phrase. The words are downloaded. The pen writes by itself. 

Phrases such as “Keep on changing lives”; “People appreciate the sunshine in you”; “Continue to be as direct as you want to be”; “Your openness touches the world”; “Tenderness flows from you”; “The world is waiting for your special message”.

This quality can be called Touching the Divine; Guided by Spirit; Accessing the Field; Intuitive Connection; Opening to Synchronicity; Recognising the Power of Oneness; We are all connected. Today I have christened it Quantum Rapport.

It is such a simple birthright that we all possess. 

The Quantum Rapport process is simple:

1.     Lessen your attention to the noise outside you

2.     In your mind feel your self as being physically connected to the person you are addressing

3.     Tune into your heart, or presence coming from your body which is the essence of who you are. I often feel it coming from a muscle or an organ 

4.     Listen and wait for a phrase that jumps out at you. It can be an extraordinary phrase, or it can be simple. 

5.     Recognise it as a bridge between you and the other

6.     Repeat the phrase just as it is given to you

7.     Wait for the response from the other

8.     Go wherever the conversation goes repeating what additional words you are given


It is a bridge to the timeless world where we are all connected, and it’s waiting to guide you. 

So next time you think "I don’t know what to say", just let the process of Quantum Rapport guide you.


With a PhD in Synchronicity and Leadership, Dr Phil is well placed to help leaders and teams understand the power of synchronicity to maximise the ability of organisations and individuals to #LeadtheFuture. Dr Phil has been speaking, consulting, training and coaching in organisations for 39 years and in 59 countries, and is based in Singapore.


Phil recently became a facilitator of Dr Joe Dispenza's cutting edge Change Your Mind workshop. If you are interested to bring this program to your organisation - please contact him at [email protected]

Philip has 41 years consulting, training and coaching experience in 61 countries on building High Performing Multi-Cultural Teams and Leadership. As the only person in the world to receive a grounded theory PhD on Synchronicity and Leadership, he is well placed to help leaders and teams understand the power of synchronicity and intuition to help Lead the Future and maximise team success.  An in-...

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