LEAD THE FUTURE: bring to life your vision for tomorrow.

#LeadtheFuture™ - bring to life your vision for tomorrow.

You can be an active participant in helping the future that YOU want, to unfold. New research in heart energy, quantum physics, holography, intuition and synchronicity tells us that our "being" (our magnetic energy field) is involved in attracting the future. By understanding and mastering 4 skills: INTUITION - SYNCHRONICITY - HEART COHERENCE - STRATEGIC FORESIGHT you can make the tomorrow that you dream about become a reality. #LeadtheFuture.

You have the ability to make decisions without using your logical brain. 

It is this ability which guides. There are situations where your logical brain does not know the answer, but there is another part of you that absolutely does know.

A lot of people say that this is the new skill that we are accessing now in the 21st-century.

But it is not new.

Do you think that when ancient humans were choosing where to live or hunting animals that it was their logic that was guiding them? 

Or was it that they looked out at their environment and just knew and sensed the right way and the wrong way to go?

Humans have been using this sensing quality all throughout history.

This quality is intuition, defined as the ability to make decisions and know what to do without recourse to the logical brain or rational thinking.

I repeat it is not a new skill. All that is happening now is that it is becoming legitimate to use the term intuition to describe what we have always been able to do.

I have personally used intuition all my life. Many of my major decisions and major adventures have been made based on intuition. But it is more than that. To be honest I have always coupled intuition with another concept - synchronicity.

Let me give you an example. 

You thought you were going to have a night at home instead of going to that all night party. But when you got home a strong feeling takes over telling you that you must go to the party. This is your intuition speaking.

And then when you get to the party you bump into a person who has exactly the information that you need in relation to the next chapter of that book you are writing, or has a  job that you’ve been looking for and could never find, or is the person of your dreams that you thought did not exist. (take your pick).

This is synchronicity which is defined as an event where what is in your mind turns up in your external environment and answers a current meaningful question.

Now that I have completed my PhD on Synchronicity and Leadership, I am developing a program that links synchronicity and intuition.

But I am also linking synchronicity and intuition with two other important concepts, heart coherence and strategic foresight.

Heart coherence is a notion that has been researched for over 30 years by the HeartMath organisation in California. HeartMath have shown us that when the heart is in coherence it empowers the brain to be in a state of strategic readiness, enables us to deal with stress and creates in us deep peace and creative insight. HeartMath also found that in the state of coherence intuition abilities are enhanced.

Strategic foresight is a quality in great demand in today’s complex and exciting world. Too often we get engrossed in what is in front of us without thinking of the long-term. Strategic foresight enables us to plan possible futures and choose decisions that are optimal to our own or our organisation’s development. There’s a great wealth of knowledge on strategic foresight but most of it uses the logical rational brain. In my program you will find heart and intuition linked together with the head to enable you to develop the ability to to #LeadtheFuture™.

#LeadtheFuture™ will help you get clear on the future you want and then help you make it happen, by combining four skills never before combined.

1.     Intuition to help you to be guided by your internal voice.

2.     Synchronicity to help you understand how to read your environment and attract to you those events which are most beneficial to you.

3.     Heart-coherence to enable you to get into a state of readiness where your heart and partners with your head.

4.     Strategic Foresight to help you plan for the future.

The future is on its way.



Philip has been consulting, training and coaching in organisations for 39 years in 59 countries. As the only person in the world with a grounded theory PhD in Synchronicity and Leadership, he is well placed to help leaders and teams understand the power of synchronicity to maximise the ability of organisations and individuals to #LeadtheFuture. 

[email protected] - mobile + (65) 9728 0419 - www.PhilipMerry.com

Philip has 41 years consulting, training and coaching experience in 61 countries on building High Performing Multi-Cultural Teams and Leadership. As the only person in the world to receive a grounded theory PhD on Synchronicity and Leadership, he is well placed to help leaders and teams understand the power of synchronicity and intuition to help Lead the Future and maximise team success.  An in-...

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