How To Survive Artificial Intelligence - Conscious Leadership with Heart

Artificial Intelligence is scaring a lot of people.  It's creating an uncertain world, causing everything we know to change at lightning speed. With information racing towards us at an unprecedented pace, we have more information at our figure tips now, than at any other time in human history.

How do we process all this information? We can’t. It is too much.  Instead of being knowledge workers, we have become garbage collectors, with information being collected (that is never processed) or deleted.

Artificial intelligence and machines are doing the job we can’t. When you think about it, it's not our ability to think any longer, that differentiates our value from machines, rather our "Human-ness".  Our ability to feel emotions with heart, like compassion, empathy, and building relationships based on connection and trust. 

With the technological advancements that are disrupting our world, machines are out-thinking us in more and more fields.  What used to define us as humans was our ability to think.

The question of our times is “What does it mean to be human in a time of artificial intelligence and smart technology?”

If machines can replace us in thinking, what is the distinctive value we can offer that makes us uniquely human? The one thing machines will never have is “a heart”.

This is good news and bad news. Having heart has been getting a lot of positive attention recently.  However, leaders and managers still perceive having “heart” as a weakness. For this reason, they are not comfortable sharing compassion, authenticity, relationship building, and empathy.  They park their C.A.R.E. cars in the parking lot every time they come into work.

In our Conscious Leadership the Path to Awareness and Well-Being with Horses workshop, we work with leaders on their personal leadership in the presence of horses for two reasons. One – Emotional and personal growth.  Two - Horses have hearts five times the size of humans. The interaction with horses slows our heart rate down, we feel more calm and at peace as we de-stress and release tensions and anxieties.

Above all, in the workshop we encourage participants to connect with their emotions, through:

- interaction with the horses,

- in dialogue with each other,

- in contemplative and coaching practices. 

We take the responsibility of developing Conscious Leaders very seriously. Our aim is to transform individuals, and organizations to create work environments where human connection is valued and lived.

Changing the concept: “I think therefore I am.

To: “I care, therefore I am.”;

“I hope, therefore I am.”;

“I have a purpose, therefore I am.”;

“I reflect, therefore I am”.

To compete with the tech revolution, we'll need to connect with more heart and connect between hearts.  People will be seeking human-to-human connections, the thing you can’t download, but have to upload from one human to another.

With 18 years’ experience as a Professional Facilitator, I have seen the difference it makes when we connect with each other in dialogue, sharing experiences and deeper connections.  People speaking about their personal values to each other connect at the heart level because values are the language of the heart and empower us to realize our full potential.  Values such as trust, loyalty and respect.

When we connect with each other and share our ideas, we learn, we become more motivated,  our communication and understanding improves, we are more enlightened to solve our global issues.

Connecting with each other we:

-       generate commitment

-       bond as a team

-       increase engagement and performance

-       resolve our challenges

Organizations that learn how to make the human connection the center of everything they do, will thrive and be the most resilient.  The best way to survive AI is to empower the whole organization, engaging staff in the process of change, being connected to their heads and hearts



How To Survive Artificial Intelligence - Conscious Leadership with Heart | Asia Professional Speakers Singapore


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