The Employee of The Month/Year is DEAD

Employees Appreciation Best Practices

In a recent study from Robert Half OfficeTeam published on Forbes, 66% of employees surveyed said they would "likely leave their job if they didn't feel appreciated.”

I just came back from a long trip from Bhutan to Bintan after visiting the Middle East where I had the pleasure of delivering keynote talks and training diversified groups of amazing leaders and managers. 

While presenting our IP+10S Appreciation Model, I surveyed two options: Option A - Be recognized publicly as the employee of the month/year or Option B - Your direct boss dedicates quality time to recognize your achievements in person. Across continents and cultures, like thousands before them, more than 90% voted for Option B - individual appreciation.

How do you appreciate your employees? Do you delight them? How do you use appreciation so it can help them perform even better?

In the midst of employees' appraisal season and with the festive season coming, isn't NOW a great time to show your employees, co-workers, bosses, family, and friends how much you appreciate them?

If you want to learn more about how to maximize your informal recognition and appreciation, send me a message and I will send you a link to download for free the IP+10S Appreciation Model so you can better appreciate your employees and delight them.

Effective Appreciation and Recognition Tips

You want Delightful Employee Experience (DEX) so you can keep and attract the best talent, have them totally engaged and empowered to deliver Delightful CX so they will become your raving fans. That will only happen if you have a delightful culture to support your employer brand and delightful leaders who walk the talk.    It took three months of sleepless nights to shrink a lifetime worth of experiences and five ...

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