The Courage to follow your heart


Be Authentic… Follow your heart.

We are all born with pure potential, and a promise of being able to be the best we can be.

This promise is the reason we took birth, yet as we grow we move further away from this promise and actually forget what it is.

Imagine that the day you are born, you came with a bright white, clean, blank piece of paper; there is nothing written upon it .

You have to write what you wish to be and what you want to become is totally up to you and is possible!


However once we are born, others begin to write on this piece of paper.

They are people who have your best interests at heart – like our parents, teachers, leaders of communities etc.…They write things from their viewpoint, what they feel is right for you

Things like ;

“Sally should be a lawyer when she grows up”

“Sally should get married and have children “

“Sally should play the piano, as I always wanted to do that as a child”

“Sally must get good grades in school and go to University”

“Sally should always put others needs before her own “


The list goes on and the expectations that others impose upon us continue throughout life.

Eventually we lose sight of our natural gift and begin to live a life of continuous futile attempts trying to fulfill other people’s hopes, dreams and expectations.

How others see the world is not how we see the world, we see the world from our own conditioning and experiences.

How can the generations before us even begin to comprehend the unlimited opportunities of the future generations?

Take something as obvious as technology …… it is the youth who are creating the technology of the future …not the previous generation.


Soon we begin to lose sight of the promise we are born with and the natural passion we have for life.

At this moment – STOP and ask yourself the following questions…

Am I happy with life at this moment?

Am I passionate each day as I wake up?
Do I rise each morning excited to start a new day – or full of dread and moans?

Am I in a relationship that fulfills me emotionally and physically?


If life is great then congratulations!

Continue doing what you are doing and enjoy!

However if you are not happy with some aspect of life, first identify what that aspect is and then decide to change.

The secret is to become authentic!

Live a life where you bring out the best from inside you and be what you want to be. Find that special gift that you were born with and follow your heart. Forget about trying to fulfill the expectations of others – they have their own life to live and in which to fulfill themselves.


As you walk in this direction you will naturally manifest Happiness and Passion for life.

Top Tips to become Authentic

  • Know yourself and what you want from life
  • Know what makes you happy and keeps you passionate
  • Stop doing anything that depletes you or makes you negative
  • Stop living to make others happy –start by making small changes ,e.g. do not accept invitations to activities or events that you do not want to go to .
  • Take time out for “me” – connect again with nature and feel balance and harmony in life
  • Do new things! Especially those things you have always wanted to do
  • Loosen up- be child like and stop fitting in!
  • Do not simply watch each day pass you by – take action and participate fully in life!
  • Live today as if it was your last day on earth …you never know it may really be so……


The Universe does not make mistakes, you came here for a reason and you are full of special talents. You owe it to yourself and to the world to be Authentic.

Having walked the path it is clear that those who have courage can give courage to others, just as the flame of the candle can light up another…I urge you to take a step towards your authentic self….one step leads to another and you will soon discover your passion and purpose in life!


You are born an Original. So bring that gift to the world …do not die a copy!


Sally Forrest

BSc, MRPharmS, MBA

Managing Director

SoulCentre Academy.



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