Team Building

team building

From Fear to Trust

Published on 02/13/2017 under

Everyone wants joy and happiness, but few realize that mental, physical and emotional well-being are the foundation to them all.    Each of us has the power to make choices to be our most joyful, loving and creative selves.

All You Need Is Love

Published on 12/15/2016 under

Tis the season, isn’t it? That time of year where the spirit of Christmas fills your heart with love and we feel that warm glow of joy, happiness and peace. What if we could bottle this feeling of love and connection, and share it the whole year? Imagine what life would be like.

Synchronicity and Intuition: Leadership Skills for a VUCA World

Philip Merry Synchronicity Keynote Speaker Shares his views   1.    Why is careful planning and analysis alone insufficient to deliver results in today’s business environment? Careful planning and analysis are fine when we have lots of time but unfo