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What Makes me Tick?

Published on 12/26/2016 under

I was interviewed by the Asian Entretreneur Magazine who asked me to answer the following questions to form the basis of the article   What’s your story? What excites you most about your industry? What’s your connection to Asia? Favourite city in Asia for bu

Synchronicity and Intuition: Leadership Skills for a VUCA World

Philip Merry Synchronicity Keynote Speaker Shares his views   1.    Why is careful planning and analysis alone insufficient to deliver results in today’s business environment? Careful planning and analysis are fine when we have lots of time but unfo

Communicate with Heart

The Changing Language Of Business

Published on 07/12/2016 under

The English language we use today, both orally and in writing, is very different to the language used several decades ago. However, I often find that people are still writing in a very formal, distant, cold and passive style that just doesn’t match our high-tech, progressive business world.