Dr.Raman K Attri

Inspiring Disabled Person | Global Authority on Science of Speed | Recognized Expert on Strategies to Speed Up in Learning, Performance and Employee Development | Founder of GetThereFaster Learning Portal | The only Professional Conference Keynoter speaking on “Speed” | Accelerated Performance Scientist | TEDx Speaker | Training Thought Leader at Fortune 500 Corporation | The author of 20 multi-genre Books | Recipient of 2 Doctorates and Over 100 Educational Credentials | Awarded with the world’s Highest Certifications | Brainz Global 500 Leader | Transformational Business Leader of the Year | The Most Admired Global Indian | The International Artist of Year |

Dr Raman K Attri is a multifaceted personality as a scientist, author, speaker, L&D leader, and artist.

He is the world’s leading authority on the “science of speed” in professional learning and performance.
A performance scientist with two decades of research, he has created a time-tested, proven system that can help leaders and organizations to positively speed up the path to mastery and leadership in any domain by two folds.

Permanently disabled since childhood, he is often called a powerhouse of positivity and inspiration. He transformed his inability to walk into unique expertise to teach others techniques to walk faster in their professional world. He is a sought-after expert whose remarkable achievements continue to inspire everyone he touches to strive for true excellence in personal and professional lives.

Among his most recent projects, he founded the GetThereFaster portal as a one-stop resource for anyone to learn the secrets of learning better and faster.

A professional keynoter and TEDx speaker, he shares research-based insights at leading international conferences with top business executives to master speed in business, shorten workforce time to proficiency, and accelerate employee development.

A global training thought leader at a Fortune 500 technology corporation, manages a Hall of the Fame training organization named as one of the top 10 in the world.

A prolific author of 20 multi-genre books, he writes books and articles on various topics ranging from business & leadership, performance & expertise, training & development, and HR & workforce development.

Passionate about continuous learning, he has earned two doctorates in learning, over 100 international educational credentials, several degrees and diplomas, and some of the world’s highest certifications. He is an authentic accelerated learning business coach who walks the talk.

Featured in over 125 media outlets, including TV, radio shows, podcasts, and magazine covers, he has earned multiple recognitions not only in business but in arts as well. He has been awarded as one among Brainz Global 500 leaders alongside stellar personalities like Oprah Winfrey, Gary Vee, and Jim Kwik. More recently he is named as one of the Transformational Business Leaders and the most admired global Indians of 2022.

In his free time, he loves to write poems and draw paintings. He has been a recipient of the International Artist of the Year award by ArtTour, New York, placing him one of the leading artists.

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