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Joanna Barclay is a thought-leader, global speaker and published author on transformational leadership for excellence, inspiring leaders to build values-driven organizations, the most successful on the planet.   She is an award winning consultant with over 3 decades of success facilitating the transformation of leadership teams and organizations.

With 15 years teaching yoga and meditation, she is passionate about self-mastery, mindfulness, and personal development, empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Audiences love the energy Joanna has for people and her work which focuses on how to bring engagement and happiness into the work environment to increase performance. 

Her specialty is speaking at global conferences and to leadership teams, awakening the heart of leadership potential. Enabling leaders to get in touch with their creative selves, connect with each other, and contribute in meaningful ways that make a difference for people, profits and the planet.

Joanna moved to Singapore from Canada in 2014 and is a fresh new face in the Asian marketplace. 

Looking for a speaker to inspire new thinking and conscious leadership to meet the challenges of the 21st century? 

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The ABCs of High PerformanceAwareness engages the intellect, Belongingness engages the heart, and Commitment engages the whole organization.


If you don't engage and lead people effectivley, the technology resuts will not materialize.

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